Christmas tree collapsed on crowd: One woman died

As a result of the collapse of the 20-meter Christmas tree, three women were crushed and one of them died after the trauma she experienced. The incident took place in Oudenaarde, Belgium.

The accident occurred in the heart of the Christmas market in the East Flanders town. When the fir tree started to shake dangerously due to the strong wind, some citizens passing by informed the fire brigade and intervened. However, about ten minutes after the request was made to firefighters, the tree collapsed and flew into three women who were in the area.

About twenty people, mostly traders at the Christmas market, managed to lift the fir tree and save two women who were slightly injured. The third woman, a 63-year-old woman, required emergency room intervention, but her condition immediately became serious; The woman was taken to the hospital and died a short time later due to her injuries.

Mayor Marnic De Meulemeester told local media that the tree was well planted and that the collapse must have been caused by abnormal winds that hit the area, peaking at magnitude 6. The prosecutor’s office launched an investigation. According to Belgian media VRThere have been problems with the stability of the Christmas tree before. The fir tree was crooked and had to be straightened by the municipality’s technical service.

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Source: Today IT