USA, 2023 a nightmare for Joe Biden: he has the worst popularity rating for re-election

Joe Biden ends 2023 with a negative record, the lowest popularity rating of any president in the modern era running for re-election. According to Gallup’s December poll, the American president has a popularity rating of 39%, 6 points below the already low 45% with which Donald Trump ended 2019, before losing the 2011 elections. Barack Obama also concluded the year before his 2011 re-election, with a low popularity rating of 43%, but in 2012 he won his second term.

George W. Bush, on the other hand, had a very high popularity rating of 58% at the end of 2003, largely due to the capture of Saddam Hussein in mid-December. The Republican then won his second term in 2004. Both Bill Clinton and George Bush senior concluded the year before re-election with a popularity rating of 51%, but the latter was defeated in the 1992 elections by Clinton, who won a second term. Things are looking bad for Biden ahead of the 2024 elections.

Source: IL Tempo