Videos | Thousands of Argentinians are protesting with pots and pans against Milei’s reforms

Thousands of Argentinians took to the streets in the country’s main cities to protest a wide protest rally published on Thursday. The decree issued the night before by the ultra-liberal government of Javier Milei was supposed to reform the economy.

The protest took place a day after Milei signed a decree that includes more than 300 measures to remove regulations on the economy, including the repeal of labor standards and price control laws and the promotion of industrial activity.

The presidential rule can still be rejected by parliament and was deemed unconstitutional by several experts, who stressed that changes must be made through laws passed by Congress and not decrees.

In addition to the obstacles that could arise in parliament, the rule could also be rejected by the judiciary, which would hinder its application.

In the midst of a serious crisis, the initiative sparked the first protests in Buenos Aires on Wednesday evening, a few days after Milei took power and devalued the peso by 54%, accelerating already high inflation.

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Local media published images of crowds banging their pans in protest in cities such as Rosario, Mar del Plata, Córdoba or Buenos Aires.

Milei is taking the first steps to privatize state-owned companies

The measures adopted in the regulations also include the first steps towards the privatization of state-owned enterprises, the lifting of restrictions on price increases and the amendment of the Civil and Commercial Code, as well as a reform of the Customs Code.

Milei, a libertarian, argued that he intended to reduce the size of the state and eliminate the public deficit so that the economy could grow again in a context of inflation of almost 200% per year and poverty of 40%. (Reuters)

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Source: La Neta Neta