China punches patient during operation: video goes viral

A surgeon is accused of punching an 82-year-old patient in the head during eye surgery. A video that went viral on social media this week. And it arouses indignation and controversy as it travels the world. The unimaginable would have happened in China, where authorities are investigating an event that actually dates back to December 2019. And the BBC is turning its attention to the case after Aier China, the hospital group responsible for the ‘indicted’ case, announced yesterday – as reported by the network – of having suspended the surgeon and fired the CEO of the establishment. The hospital, the patient’s son told local media, apologized and granted compensation of 500 yuan (less than 65 euros), but the woman – he reported – lost vision in her left eye.

The video appears to show the doctor, wearing a green coat and gloves, punching the operated person in the head, who, covered by the surgical field, can be seen moving in reaction. And then the surgeon insisted twice more, with less force.

Aier China, reports the BBC, confirmed an “accident” that occurred during an operation at its hospital in Guigang, southwest China, accusing the facility of not having communicated anything to headquarters. The patient, “during the operation, due to local anesthesia, developed intolerance” and, according to the report, began to move her head and pupils. According to the reconstruction, the elderly woman spoke only a local dialect and did not appear to respond to the doctor, who thus “treated the patient rudely in an emergency situation”. Local authorities spoke of bruises on the woman’s forehead.

Source: IL Tempo