Extreme exercises in the army: Two soldiers froze to death

An extreme military exercise ended in tragedy: Two Spanish army soldiers froze to death while crossing a frozen lake at the Cerro Muriano base near Cordoba. The captain in charge of the exercises was immediately removed from command of the 10th Guzmán el Bueno Brigade. This is not the first time such a tragedy has shaken this company: in the past, seven more soldiers lost their lives in accidents during exercises.

The list was expanded on Thursday with the names of Corporal Miguel Ángel Jiménez Andujar and Private Carlos León Rico. Andujar was 34 years old but already had a 13-year career in the army and several international assignments behind him. Rico was 24 years old and had enlisted in the military only seven months earlier.

According to the military’s scant reports, the pair, along with other comrades, were performing “maneuvers in the aquatic environment.” The outside temperature was 4 degrees. According to initial information in the local media, the extreme exercise was carried out without taking security measures and without an ambulance.

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Source: Today IT