“Brainwashing is brainwashing.” Canadian school principal harassed for opposing LGBT

Monique LaGrange was removed from office for her opposition to gender ideology. The former principal plans to sue her school.

Former Canadian Catholic school principal Monique LaGrange, who was forced to resign due to her opposition to gender ideology and refusal to undergo LGBT sensitivity training, will sue the Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools Board of Trustees over her expulsion.

The former director’s attorneys claim the RDCRS decision against LaGrange “was unjust and contained a number of legal errors.” Furthermore, the fine imposed on the director would be inappropriate and disproportionate.

LaGrange Eviction

Last month, the Red Deer Regional Catholic Schools (RDCRS) board of directors punished LaGrange by a 3-1 vote after she compared an LGBT program aimed at children to that of Nazi propaganda.

The former school principal came under fire in September 2023 when she posted a photo on social media showing children in Nazi Germany waving swastika flags during a parade. At the bottom of the post was a photo of children waving LGBT flags. LaGrange added the caption to the image: “Brainwashing is brainwashing.”

After her post went viral, there were voices among left-wing politicians in Alberta calling for her resignation. The entire situation resulted in her resignation as director of the Alberta Catholic School Trustees Association (ACSTA).

Rebellion against gender ideology

In Canada, opposition to the promotion of gender ideology in schools is growing, not only among adults, but also among students.

In recent months, many concerned Canadians have protested LGBT indoctrination in schools across the country. In September, thousands of people from coast to coast participated in the Million Person March.

Leftists’ attempts to advance the LGBT agenda in schools resulted in the conservatively governed states of Saskatchewan and New Brunswick introducing into law the principle of mandatory parental consent for teaching this type of content.

Source: Do Rzeczy