Ukraine, rat invasion in the trenches and infections: soldiers’ Christmas hell

Both Ukrainian and Russian troops suffer from “exceptional levels of rat and rat infestation” in some sectors of the front line. The UK Ministry of Defense writes in X that rodent populations have increased due to milder winters and an abundance of food. «This year’s mild autumn – says British intelligence – together with the abundance of food from fields left fallow due to the fighting, probably contributed to the increase in the rodent population. As the weather gets colder, animals are likely to seek refuge in vehicles and among defensive positions. The rodents will further increase the pressure on the morale of frontline fighters.”

«In addition – adds the report – by chewing the cables, they endanger military equipment, as was recorded in the same area during the Second World War. Unverified information suggests that Russian units are also beginning to suffer from increased disease cases and attribute this to the pest problem.”

However, for the first time since 1917, Ukraine celebrates Christmas on December 25th. The measure, highlights the BBC, is much more than a simple change of date in relation to January 7, the date of Christmas in the Julian calendar, used in Russia. It is the continuation, it is explained, of a significant cultural change in the country, the latest attempt to eradicate Moscow’s influence in Ukraine. The adoption of the Western Gregorian calendar is also a sign of Kiev’s continued attempt to align itself with Europe.

Source: IL Tempo