Estonia is willing to reach an agreement with Kiev on the mobilization of Ukrainians living there

Ukraine’s Defense Minister announced that Ukrainians living abroad would be drafted into the army. There is a response from Estonia.

Speaking to German media, Rustem Umerov said that all Ukrainian citizens of military age who are currently abroad will receive a message to report to conscription points. “We want justice for everyone because it concerns our own country. We will send them invitations,” Umerov said, “Rzeczpospolita quoted the politician.”

The calls to assembly points are related to the likely expansion of military mobilization. On Tuesday, the President of Ukraine announced the request of the Ukrainian Military Command to recruit another 450-500 thousand recruits.

Estonia’s announcement

Estonian Interior Minister Lauri Läänemets said Estonia is ready to help Ukraine mobilize its citizens if necessary. The minister said that there are about 7,500 Ukrainian citizens of military age living in Estonia. He noted that many of them are not subject to military service.

“According to Ukrainian legislation, single parents, parents of at least three children, parents of disabled children and people caring for a loved one are also not subject to mobilization. In other words, there are quite a few criteria based on which someone is mobilized. not subject to military service,” Läänemets explained.

The politician said that in accordance with international law, Ukraine cannot register Ukrainians living in Estonia for military service, as this requires the signing of an agreement between the two countries. Therefore, Tallinn plans to officially inform the Ukrainian authorities that if they want to recruit Ukrainian citizens into the army, the country is ready to conclude such an agreement with Ukraine.

“Estonia will not stand by. We are happy that we can sign such an agreement and help Ukraine. We know where these people live in Estonia. We are ready to help these people from Estonia to Ukraine if they need it,” the Interior Ministry chief said.

According to the head of the Border and Migration Policy Department of the Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukraine has not yet asked the Estonian government for help in implementing plans to mobilize the Ukrainian armed forces.

Source: Do Rzeczy