Videos | Giant Christmas tree collapses in Belgium, killing woman

one woman died Two people were injured A huge Christmas tree collapsed during a storm in the city of Oudenaarde, Belgium, authorities said.

Surveillance camera footage broadcast by Belgian media shows how tall this 20-metre-high illuminated Christmas tree slowly tips over before finally collapsing near a Christmas market.

A spokesperson for the Provincial Public Prosecutor’s Office of East Flanders stated that the victim was a 63-year-old woman from Oudenaarde.

“Emergency services arrived on the scene and resuscitation measures were carried out, but unfortunately the woman did not survive her injuries,” reports Mayor Marnic De Meulemeester.

Two women were injured in the collapse

Two women from the same city were slightly injured in the incident.

A safety zone was established and firefighters monitored the situation around the tree.

“The investigation will focus on determining whether the tree is sufficiently protected and on analyzing the impact of weather conditions,” Belgian authorities said.

They also mourned the death of the woman and assured that they would conduct an investigation to find those responsible for the accident.

Citizens warned authorities about the tree’s instability

A witness to the tragedy, Frederick Bourgeois, revealed that they had informed the city’s engineering department of the tree’s instability ten minutes before the collapse.

Zinc Storm

Storm Pia, which affected traffic in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands last Thursday, also affected western Belgium, where the meteorological service declared code yellow for coastal areas. (With information from Reuters)

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