The Ukrainian authorities are preparing a draft law on military mobilization

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and the local parliament are preparing a draft law on military mobilization. This is in response to the army’s request.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Ruslan Umerov announced that the Ministry of National Defense and the Verkhovna Rada are preparing a draft law on mobilization, which will soon be registered.

Umerov said that if the Kiev government wants to have public support, it must clearly communicate how mobilization, demobilization, postponement, social protection and other important issues will be carried out in this situation.

– We can only use the word ‘demobilization’ after the end of the war. In a situation where the enemy continues hostilities, we have found solutions that allow a person who has been on the front line for two years to learn the rules for taking a break or partial leave, Umerov said.

Military mobilization. The command wants half a million Ukrainians

In Ukraine, the possibility of informing men about the need to report to the military registration and recruitment office through electronic notifications is being considered. This is related to the likely major expansion of military mobilization by the Ukrainian authorities.

In an interview with German media, Umerov said that all Ukrainian citizens of military age who are currently abroad will receive a notice to appear at conscription points.

“We want justice for everyone because it concerns our own country. We will send them invitations,” the minister said, the politician was quoted by “Rzeczpospolita”.

On Tuesday, the President of Ukraine announced the request of the Ukrainian Military Command to recruit another 450-500 thousand recruits.

It is not known how the authorities of the countries where Ukrainians live will react. For now, Estonian Interior Minister Lauri Läänemets has said that Tallinn is ready to assist Ukrainian authorities in the military mobilization of Ukrainian citizens.

Source: Do Rzeczy