Ukraine, Vladimir Putin’s plan: “I will make visits abroad”

Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning visits abroad next year, but not at the beginning of the year, “now the main thing is the domestic agenda.” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told RIA Novosti. «Not at the beginning of the year. Now, of course, the main thing is the domestic agenda,” Peskov told RIA Novosti in response to a question about the Russian leader’s planned foreign visits.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Air Force shot down a Russian Su-30 fighter. The Kiev General Staff writes this in a Facebook post. “Ukrainian air defense resources and personnel destroyed two fighter-bombers, Su-34 and Su-30,” the post says, according to Ukrainian media reports. Earlier, the Air Force reported that it had shot down a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber over the Mariupol front.

Source: IL Tempo