Lula calls for “restoration of peace” amid “hatred” against coup plotters in Brazil | Video

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil, called for this on Sunday in the first Christmas message since his return to power: “Restore peace” in the face of the “hatred” of the coup plotters who divided the country and tried to overthrow him . almost a year ago.

The progressive leader During his speech, which was broadcast on television, radio and social media, he said:

From that sad January 8, democracy emerged victorious and strengthened. We managed to restore the stained glass windows in record time, but we must restore peace and unity among friends and family.

The Brazilian president referred to this attack on Brasíliado, in which thousands of supporters of the former right-wing extremist president Jair Bolsonaro invaded the headquarters and destroyed the presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court with the aim of creating a military intervention to destroy him a week later to overthrow. he takes over the position.

He stated that this episode was ‘promoted’ by ‘hatred of some’ against the rule of law, ‘left deep scars’, ‘divided the country’, ‘separated families’ and ‘threatened democracy’.

Fortunately, the attempted coup had the opposite effect: it united all institutions, mobilized political parties above all ideologies, and provoked an immediate response from society.

So far, the Supreme Court has convicted twenty of the nearly two thousand people accused of carrying out the attempted coup, of whom 66 remain in prison, including convicts and pre-trial detainees, while the rest are still at large .

In this sense, Lula encouraged Brazilians to do so: “Fight fake news, disinformation and hate speech.”

Brazil has a real government again

In a still veiled criticism of the previous government, the president of the Workers’ Party (PT) assured that since taking power, Brazil “has a real government again.”

In this context, he discussed the initiatives launched by his leadership in 2023, including the restoration of several social programs he promoted during his first two mandates between 2003 and 2010.

He also emphasized the adoption of a deep tax reform, which he called a “historic fact” and demonstrated. I am optimistic about the Brazilian economy for next year.

2023 was time to plant and rebuild. We plow the land, we sow, we water every day, we care deeply about Brazil and its people. We are creating all the conditions for a generous harvest in 2024.

The financial market expects that Brazil will end 2023 with a growth agreement of very close to 3%, in line with the forecasts of the executive and the central bank and that at least the estimates from the beginning of this year, which were just below 0, 6% layers, will surpass.

Inflation has almost weakened and is currently at 4.68% annualized, i.e. within the upper limit of this year’s target (4.75%), while unemployment is just below 8%.

However, the government deficit has risen to almost 8% of gross domestic product, while the debt is almost 75% of GDP. according to official information.

Moreover, a slowdown is expected until 2024, when the country is expected to grow by 1.5% according to market forecasts.

That’s why Lula guaranteed that next year they will “Work hard to exceed all expectations”.

(With information from EFE)

Source: La Neta Neta