Two people are killed in shootings, blockades and riots in Tabasco; They deny the attack on the Minister of Security

An alleged clash between civilians that took place in the Villahermosa Country Club Subdivision, Tabasco, led to clashes with the state police, blockades with burning vehicles, attacks on gas stations and three riots in the entity’s prisons. A preliminary number of two deaths confirmed that the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Public Security, Hernán Bermúdez

Emmanuel Sibilla of Telereportaje, Bermúdez Requena, was interviewed on Saturday by journalist Emmanuel Sibilla of Telereportaje and denied that the violence committed yesterday in five municipalities of Tabasco, including in the municipal chamber of Centro, which also includes the city of Villahermosa, was of an attack on him, although the The violence started with a suspected criminal raid in the Campestre sub-region, where he has lived for more than thirty years.

The official added that as a result of the “riot attempts” in the prisons of Villahermosa, Huimanguillo and Comalcalco, two passengers were killed and three others were injured.

Furthermore, he acknowledged that there were no prisoners and rejected that the criminal violence that devastated Tabasco last night until the early hours of this Saturday was the product of a “formal cartel”, arguing that it was local criminal groups that carried out major criminal imitate organizations. .

According to the official version, the events are the result of an alleged criminal attack that took place in the Campestre district, in the city of Villahermosa, shortly before eight o’clock in the evening, the place where the Minister of Security, Hernán Bermúdez, and PRD Senator Juan Manuel Fócil Pérez, among other characters from the political life of Tabasco.

Bermúdez Requena explained that after examining security cameras from Fraccionamiento and state surveillance centers, it was discovered that two people driving a small car were followed by armed people driving a colored pickup. red, so The first who tried to take refuge in the Fraccionamiento Campestre violates his security pin.

His pursuers also forced entry and fired their firearms.

The security forces informed the police officers guarding the home of the State Secretary for Security. They were alerted to the incident and discharged their firearms when they saw the two vehicles. which led to a firefight within the subdivision and the escape of crews from both units.

In the official report, they admit that the SSP chief’s bodyguards did not know until now whether it was an attack. They therefore reacted defensively, although it was later ruled out that it was a direct attack on his home or family.

The prosecuted cases They also crashed into the wall of the house of the Senator of Tabasco, Juan Manuel Fócil. He damaged the fence, but not the interior of the house, and fled on foot in an unknown direction. His attackers abandoned the truck meters later and also fled, according to Hernán Bermúdez, taking advantage of the vacant lot and proximity to the golf course.

Although security protocols were activated and elements of the Mexican Army, National Guard and Secretary of the Navy “searched” the area, the six alleged criminals managed to escape.

Later, blockades involving vehicle fires and attacks on a gas station and a store occurred in six communities in Tabasco, although authorities acknowledged damage in only five locations: Centro (Villahermosa), Cárdenas, Paraíso, Teapa, Huimanguillo and Nacajuca. included in the official count despite a roadblock involving a burning truck.

Tabasco’s Minister of Security said the main hypothesis is that these criminal blockades were carried out by local criminal groups to help one of the parties involved escape.

In addition, three riots were recorded in the prisons of Villahermosa, Huimanguillo and Comalcalco. with the count of two dead prisoners, one at CRESET in Villahermosa and the other at the Huimanguillo Prison, the Minister of State Security explained. They were allegedly harassed by their own fellow prisoners.

In CRESET, three more were injured and in Comalcalco the number of casualties was low, according to the official version.

According to Hernán Bermúdez, no civilians were injured by the actions of the criminal groups, nor were any individuals attacked. He said there is no official report on the case of an alleged driver who was injured by a gunshot captured on video. It could be an event that took place on a different date or even in a different location.

In this context, government authorities very early started releasing images in different parts of Villahermosa, showing surveillance and protection measures in shopping centers so that people could do their Christmas shopping.

Tabasco’s interim governor, Carlos Manuel Merino Campos, denied that a criminal group was above authorities and said they withdrew after the actions of federal and state forces. Therefore, he insisted that there were no physical civilian casualties other than material ones. injury .

Source: La Neta Neta