France, man accused of massacring his wife and four children is arrested

After a mother and her four children were found dead in their home in Meaux (Seine-et-Marne), near Paris, yesterday, the father, who had fled, was arrested this morning. The man, already known for domestic violence, wanted since last night, was arrested this morning in Sevran, in Seine Saint Denis, according to Rmc news (confirmed by the local Public Prosecutor’s Office).

The five victims were killed with knives. The mother was 35 years old, the children were 9 months old and 4, 7 and 10 years old respectively. When police arrived on Monday night, the apartment, located in Meaux, about twenty kilometers from Disneyland, showed no signs of forced entry and the man was absent. The alarm was raised by a neighbor who was waiting for friends to share Christmas dinner. Worried that she might not hear from her friend again, she informed the police. The arrested father, aged 33, – according to Rmc reports – suffers from psychiatric disorders. He is already known to the police for a case of domestic violence, after attacking his wife with a knife in 2019. But the procedure was terminated due to the man’s pathology.

Source: IL Tempo