“He is violent and has a depressive disorder”: Who is the man who killed his wife and four children?

“I attacked my family” 33-year-old Noé Bafania, who was arrested by the French police for killing his 35-year-old wife and four children aged 9 months, 4, 7 and 10, confessed everything. Five dead bodies were found in the family’s apartment in the town of Meaux, not far from Paris. The multiple murders took place on Christmas evening, as Meaux prosecutor Jean-Baptiste Bladier confirmed at the press conference: “This is a very violent crime scene.”

Previous records of violence

The prosecutor’s office showed journalists the first elements of the investigation, which made it possible to draw the first profile of the killer, about whom the police were already aware of the incidents of violence against his wife: “Medical and administrative documents were found in the house. In 2017, the family may recommend the admission of the father to a psychiatric hospital.” According to reports in the French media, the man attempted suicide in 2017 but failed. The man suffered from depressive and psychotic disorders and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital until January 2020. However, in 2019, his wife was attacked with a knife at home. The trial was closed after it was understood that the man was mentally unstable. The 33-year-old man, who was arrested in Sevran after an escape lasting several hours, confessed that he had murdered his family: “I know why you stopped me – he told the police -, I attacked my family”.

destroyed family

As investigators confirmed, the massacre took place on Christmas evening. Some neighbors, who did not receive a response when they knocked on the door of the house where the woman lived with her children, raised the alarm around 21:00. When they entered the flat, officers found five bodies: “The prosecutor added: There were no signs of forced entry in the flat, but the children’s father was not. The woman and her children were killed with a knife.”

There have been real family massacres in France recently; specifically two triple infanticide committed by fathers in the Paris area. In late November, a 41-year-old man went to the police station to confess to the murder of his three daughters, aged 4 to 11, in Alfortville, Val de Marne. He mentioned that he and his ex-partner were constantly arguing about custody of the child. But in October, a gendarmerie killed her three daughters and then took her own life at her home in Vemars in the Oise Valley.

Source: Today IT