Israel, “kilometers of tunnels and dollars invested in terrorism”: the new shot

The war in the Middle East didn’t stop even during the holidays. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a speech published in La Stampa, used clear words. “Hamas must be eliminated, Gaza demilitarized, Palestinian society deradicalized. These are the three prerequisites for peace between Israel and its Palestinian neighbors in Gaza,” he declared. But in Netanyahu’s speech there is also a reference to Iran: “Hamas, an important emissary of Iran, must be eliminated”, specified the prime minister. Meanwhile, Israel published a new photo showing a new entrance to the network of tunnels built under the city targeted by the attacks. “Hundreds of kilometers of tunnels built in Gaza with tons and tons of concrete and millions of dollars, all invested in terrorism instead of investing resources in a better future for innocent Palestinians”, reads a post on Instagram.

“The United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and many other countries support Israel’s intention to eliminate the terrorist group. To achieve this, it is imperative that its military capabilities be annihilated and its political dominance over Gaza Hamas leaders have promised that the October 7th massacre will happen ‘again and again’. For this reason, the elimination of Hamas is the only proportionate response to prevent such terrible atrocities from recurring,” Netanyahu continued. “To destroy Hamas, Israel will continue to act in absolute accordance with international law. This is particularly complicated because using Palestinian civilians as human shields is an integral part of the group’s strategy – it states – Israel does its best to reduce civilian losses are minimal,” he added. On the contrary, “Hamas does everything it can to keep Palestinians in danger, often at gunpoint.”

Source: IL Tempo