Iran, the Pasdaran threaten Israel: “We will avenge the blood of Mousavi”

The October 7 attack in southern Israel was a response to the assassination of Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander Qassem Soleimani, who was killed in a US strike in Iraq on January 3, 2020. That’s what Guardians spokesman declared about the revolution, Brigadier General Ramadan Sharif, according to the Iranian news agency Mehr. The statement was made as part of a statement on the assassination of a top Iranian adviser to Pasdaran, General Seyed Razi Mousavi, on Monday in an alleged Israeli attack in Damascus, Syria. “The ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’ operation,” declared Pasdaran’s spokesman in reference to the Hamas attack on October 7, “was one of the reprisal operations undertaken by the axis of resistance against the Zionists for the martyrdom of Major- General Soleimani.” Then, regarding the assassination of General Mousavi in ​​Syria, he added: “The Islamic Republic of Iran reserves the right to take revenge and will avenge the blood of this martyr at the appropriate time.”

Sayyed Razi Mousavi, adviser to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, was responsible for coordinating the military alliance between Syria and Iran. On Monday, after his assassination, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi assured that Israel “will pay for this crime” , while the Lebanese group Hezbollah stated that the attack on Mousavi “exceeds all limits”. Revolutionary Guards spokesman Ramadan Sharif, responding this morning during a press conference to those who asked him about Iran’s response to the murder of Mousavi, according to the Mehr agency, responded thus: “Our response to the murder of the martyr Mousavi It will be a combination of direct actions and the resistance front.” Asked whether the response to Mousavi’s assassination will be similar to that of Soleimani’s assassination, Pasdaran’s spokesman stated: “the circumstances of Commander Soleimani’s assassination are different from those of the assassination of the martyr Mousavi, and the truth is that today there is a conflict continued on the ground, but that doesn’t mean nothing will be done.”

Source: IL Tempo