Trapped under the bridge for six days after the accident: Found by chance, miraculously survived

If this isn’t a miracle, we’re close. The driver who was stuck in his truck under a bridge for six days after a crash in Indiana was found alive by two fishermen. Mario Garcia and his son-in-law Nivardo De La Torre, who went to the banks for a walk while waiting for their spouses on December 26. Under a viaduct in Portage, they found Matthew Reum, 27, of Mishawaka, whose truck crashed Dec. 20 on Interstate 94. According to his union, Boilermakers Local 374, Reum is alive, his leg was amputated from the tibia down, he is in intensive care and should be okay.

Mr. Reum, in the driver’s seat, “woke up” as Mario Garcia approached the truck’s sheet metal and activated the airbag. He himself said that with what little strength he had left, he was pinned against the two men and pinned against the seat. “He said he tried to scream and scream for a long time but no one could hear him,” Garcia added. The sound of water always drowned out her screams. An ambulance arrived at the scene and took Reum to Memorial Hospital in South Bend. GISQuote from Sergeant Glen Fifield, Indiana State Police.

The police made the following statement at a press conference: “If it had not been for the two people walking along the stream, this accident would most likely have had a different outcome. There were no accidents reported in the area before the fishermen found the vehicle.” “It was cold and I don’t think Matthew would have made it through another night,” Sergeant Fifield said. “But this is my personal opinion.” Garcia added: “Reum told me that she had been there for a long time and had almost lost all hope.”

Source: Today IT