“Women and children were detained in the stadium in Gaza”: Shocking video

Discussions continue regarding the actions of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip. Following journalistic investigations by the New York Times and CNN, which revealed how Israeli defense forces used giant bombs in areas defined as “safe” for Palestinians, it was again an American television channel broadcasting today, Thursday, December 28. A special video that will create some controversy.

Images found by American journalists on social media show women, men, teenagers and at least two children detained in a stadium in the Gaza Strip. Male detainees are placed in rows and made to kneel by Israeli soldiers wearing only their underwear. CNN said that the geographical location of the video, which was shot at Yarmouk Stadium in Gaza and where the NGO Human Rights Watch reported that it had received statements regarding the detentions, could be determined. However, the American broadcaster said it could not predict when this would happen.

It has been reported that American journalists have requested an explanation regarding the document in question, but they have not yet received any response from Israeli officials. Hundreds of Palestinian men and boys have been arrested in recent days. And the IDF (Israeli army) has said in the past that it makes detainees undress to make sure they are not carrying explosives with them.

However, in the video, in addition to men in underwear, prisoners are also clearly seen sitting on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs. In an excerpt from the film, three blindfolded women are seen in front of a football goal. An Israeli flag hangs above.

According to CNN, the video was published on YouTube by Israeli photographer and artist Yosee Gamzoo Letova.

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Source: Today IT