Guyana rules out “offensive actions” against Venezuela after ship arrives

The Vice President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeoassured this Thursday that his country “has no plan to take offensive actions”. Venezueladepicting the arrival of a British warship at the Guyanese coasts.

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‘It is not about waging wars, but about better monitoring our wars economic zone exclusive and (guarantee) our integrity and sovereignty territorial,” the Guyanese vice president said at a press conference.

This is how Jagdeo responded to the Venezuelan president’s decision: Nicholas Maduroto order today ‘a joint defensive action in response to the provocation all the threat from Great Britain the peace and sovereignty” of Venezuela.

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The announcement was made in the presence of the military domeduring a meeting that was compulsorily broadcast on radio and television, in which he communicated with a group military troops who completed “the first phase” of this operationwhich consisted of a deployment over land and water of the Sucre State (northeast).

Maduro gave no details about the situation domain and the duration of this operation, but insisted that the arrival of the HMS Trent British It is an “unacceptable threat” that represents a “rupture” of the agreements he signed with his Guyanese counterpart, Irfaan Ali, last year. December 14when they promised not to threaten each other and avoid incidents related to the dispute.

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“Venezuela cannot stand idly by in the face of one threatwe respond in the proportional measurement‘, he assured, after reiterating his commitment to diplomacy and peace.

He chavista leader criticized that Guyana has ignored Venezuela’s requests not to accept the UN’s arrival British ship to its shores.

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Source: El heraldo