Videos | Crocodiles surprise tourists in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo; Authorities are sounding the alarm

Authorities in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo raised the alarm about the presence of crocodiles on the beaches after a Canadian tourist died a few days ago due to a bite from an unknown species.

Sightings of these reptiles in this area of ​​Guerrero are common among locals due to the proximity of the estuaries to the tourist area, including the Ixtapa crocodile, but their presence in the sea has increased recently.

The most recent sighting took place last Wednesday, when tourists were at El Palmar beach in Ixtapa’s hotel zone and captured this reptile swimming in the sea.

The approximately three meter long specimen attracted the admiration of those who took the opportunity to capture the sand spectacle.

Recommendations in the presence of a crocodile

In this context, the municipal ecology department has issued the “General recommendations for crocodile sightings” with six points, among which it is emphasized that a distance of the length of the crocodile’s body should be maintained both on the bank and in the water.

“If you spot a crocodile, do not approach or remain nearby. If you see one in the water, get up, slowly move to deeper water and leave the area.

In addition, avoid risky times – at night or very early in the morning – don’t handle crocodiles, don’t sleep or rest near water in areas where reptiles live, and take care of your pets.

Canadian dies after being bitten by an unknown animal

The warning comes after a Canadian tourist died on December 14 after an attack by an unspecified animal in Playa Quieta, next to the crocodile adapted for people with disabilities.

This beach was closed to the public for a few days, but reopened for the holidays in December.

After the attack, Mayor Jorge Sánchez Allec promised that research would be done to identify the species as there were reports that it was a shark, but so far no results are available.

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Source: La Neta Neta