The prosecutor is calling for the rejection of Trump’s arguments on presidential immunity

Special counsel Jack Smith, charged with investigating former President Donald Trump (2017-2021), urged an appeals court on Saturday to reject the former president’s request to file an electoral interference case claiming that he enjoyed total immunity during his term of office. .

Smith’s petition is especially important because of the argument he makes: He claims that Trump’s claims of presidential immunity pose a “threat to the democratic and constitutional foundations” of the country.

“Rather than validating our constitutional framework, the defendants’ broad assertion of immunity threatens to authorize presidents to commit crimes to remain in office,” Smith and his team said in a lengthy 82-page letter filed with the court on Saturday was submitted. capital.

Smith’s words set the framework for prosecuting Trump for attempting to overturn the outcome of the 2020 election, which current President Joe Biden won and whose outcome Trump refused to acknowledge, even going so far as to attack at the 2021 Capitol.

The case is currently before the appeals court because District of Columbia Judge Tanya Chutkan had already denied Trump’s requests to file the presidential immunity case on December 1.

The president’s team appealed and the next step is for the appeals court to consider the case at a hearing scheduled for January 9.

It is likely that once the appeals court rules, one of the parties will appeal again and the case will end up in the United States Supreme Court.

Source: El heraldo