Ukraine attacked Russia. 24 people dead

The death toll from the attack by Ukraine’s armed forces on the Russian city of Belgorod has risen to 24. 108 people were injured, including 16 children.

The latest results of the Ukrainian attack were announced on Sunday morning by Belgorod Oblast Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov. According to him, 24 people were killed, including four children. 108 people were injured, including 16 children.

Gładkov added that as a result of the shelling, 37 residential buildings, more than 450 apartments, several private houses, 7 social facilities and more than 100 cars were damaged.

Belgorod came under fire from the Ukrainian armed forces on Saturday afternoon. It was one of the most serious attacks by Ukrainian forces since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Shelling of Belgorod. Moscow accuses Britain

The shelling of Belgorod was reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who ordered the head of the Ministry of Health, Mikhail Murashka, to urgently fly to the city. The Commission of Inquiry opened a criminal case based on articles on murder and destruction of property.

The Foreign Ministry in Moscow accused Britain of involvement in the attack and demanded an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia, called the shelling of Belgorod a “planned terrorist attack on a peaceful city.”

Ukraine attacked Russia in retaliation

A BBC News source in the Ukrainian security services confirmed that the attacks on Belgorod were carried out by the Ukrainian armed forces, calling them “a response to the Russian terrorist attacks on Ukrainian cities and their inhabitants,” which took place on Friday, when the Russian army carried out massive airstrikes in Ukraine, killing 39 people.

The Ukrainian side said that when planning retaliation, only military infrastructure was targeted, and blamed for civilian casualties was the “inept work of Russian air defense.” The Ministry of Defense in Moscow later confirmed that some of the missile debris had fallen on Belgorod due to the operation of air defense systems.

Source: Do Rzeczy