Xi and the annexation of Taiwan: “Reunification with China is inevitable”

Xi Jinping said in his traditional New Year’s speech that China’s “reunification” with Taiwan was inevitable. Addressing the nation, the Chinese president, using a harsher tone than last year, said that China will definitely be reunited and that all Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Strait should be committed to a common cause and share in the victory of the revival of the Chinese nation. Also taking into account the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic, which falls in 2024. Last year, Xi stated only that people on both sides of the Strait were “members of the same family” and hoped that joint work would “promote the lasting prosperity of the Chinese nation.”

However, a year later, the situation is not much different. On the other hand, the communist leader knows that on January 13, Taiwanese citizens are called to the polls to elect the new president of the Republic of China (Taiwan’s official name) in an election that will be interpreted as a referendum on relations between Taipei and Beijing. .

The strength of the Chinese economy (against all odds)

Sitting at his desk in front of the camera as per tradition, Xi touched upon many issues and devoted extensive space to the economic file. Stating that the Chinese economy has become “more durable and dynamic than before”, the leader stated that he will see the country’s economy “overcoming the storm” in 2024. Record youth unemployment and an ongoing debt crisis in the vital real estate sector have slowed the Asian giant’s growth. Analysts say Beijing may struggle to reach its annual growth target of around 5 percent, the lowest level in recent years.

For at least several years now, the Chinese economy has continued to send discouraging signals. But the Chinese leader is optimistic. “All over China, new heights are being climbed with dogged determination, and new creations and innovations are emerging every day,” Xi said, citing the C919 large passenger plane, the Chinese-made large cruise ship, the Shenzhou spaceships and the Chinese-made large cruise ship as examples. said. deep sea submarine Fendouzhe. “The latest Chinese-made mobile phone models are gaining immediate attention in the market. New energy vehicles, lithium batteries and photovoltaic products are a new testament to China’s manufacturing prowess.” The Beijing leader has promised further reforms to promote the development of the economy, science and technology.

There was no shortage of references to the difficult geopolitical context. Reiterating China’s role as a responsible major country, Xi emphasized that “no matter how the global landscape improves, peace and development remain the fundamental trend, and only mutually beneficial cooperation can yield results.”

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Source: Today IT