War in Ukraine, Putin freezes everyone: “We will never back down”

Vladimir Putin continues on his way. “Throughout 2023, Russia has steadfastly defended its national interests, freedom and security. Starting with the special operation in Ukraine, where we will never retreat”, words of the Russian president in his end-of-year speech, where he stressed that the main thing that unites and unites Russians is the destiny of the Motherland and a deep understanding of the highest meaning of the historical phase that Russia is going through. “We are deeply and clearly aware of how much in this period depends on ourselves, on our attitude towards the best, on our desire to support each other in words and deeds – Putin explained -. Working for the common good united society. We are united in our thoughts, work and battle. On weekdays and holidays. With the most important characteristics of the Russian people. Solidarity, mercy, strength.”

The Kremlin chief then addressed the army personnel fighting in the war in Ukraine: “Our hearts are with you. We are proud of you, we admire your courage. I know you now feel the love of your nearest and dearest. The powerful and sincere support of millions of Russian citizens. The support of an entire people. Russia – he commented – will never back down and there is no force that can divide Russians and prevent the country’s development.”

Source: IL Tempo