Queen Margrethe of Denmark abdicates her throne

Queen Margrethe will abdicate as Queen of Denmark on January 14. The 83-year-old Queen announced this in her end-of-year speech. She has been on the throne for 52 years.

His successor will be Margrethe’s eldest son Frederik (55). The Danish queen became Europe’s longest-reigning monarch after the death of Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain.

In her speech, Margrethe talked about the back surgery she had this year. She said the operation went well, thanks to the doctors, but it made her think about her future as a queen.

Margrethe inherited the throne after the death of her father, Frederick IX. The Queen is known to be extremely creative and interested in art. As queen, she was seen as pragmatic and sometimes a bit unconventional.

His decision last year to strip his grandchildren of their princely titles caused consternation among his son, Prince Joachim, 53. It is said that he and his wife Marie learned of this only too late. “It’s never nice to see your four children treated this way,” he told the Extra Bladet newspaper.

married to a prince

Queen Margrethe of Denmark later apologized without reversing her decision. According to Margrethe, it is necessary to weaken the royal family and prepare it for the future. She wants to give her grandchildren more freedom in this way.

“As a queen, mother and grandmother, I made my decision, but as a mother and grandmother, I underestimated the feelings of my youngest son and his family. “This has had a huge impact and I am sorry.”

Her husband, Prince Henrik, died in 2018 at the age of 83. They had been married since June 10, 1967. Their sons Frederik and Joachim were born in 1968 and 1969. Since the wedding, Henrik had held the title of prince, and this did not satisfy him. He preferred to be called king, but he never received this title.

Source: NOS