The streets in Cardiff with the most parking fines have been revealed thanks to new data. A response to a freedom of information request shows that City Road and St Mary Street had the highest number of fines issued last year, and we are revealing how much money the council recovered from fines over the last five years.

On City Road alone, the council recovered £102,565 last year. You can receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) in a number of ways. It can be issued by patrol officers, through video surveillance cameras or mobile police vehicles. For the latest Cardiff news, sign up to our newsletter here

Here is the full list of Cardiff’s top 20 streets by number of PCNs issued last year (data from November 2022 to October 2023):

  • Urban road (3619 PCN)
  • Santa Maria Street (3,551)
  • New George Street (3,055)
  • Rua Duque (2,971)
  • Windsor Square (1,557)
  • King Edward VII Avenue (1086)
  • Cowbridge Road east (977)
  • Albany Highway (941)
  • Avenue of Museums (916)
  • Rua do Moinho (893)
  • Rising Support (871)
  • Rhymney Street (C1) (855)
  • Miskina Street. (828)
  • Mackintosh Place (805)
  • Canal Street (795)
  • Zamková Street (789)
  • Carlos Street (684)
  • Laurenny Avenue (681)
  • Monte Stewart Square (677)
  • Fanny Street (C1) (657)

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Every year the council receives around half of the total amount of fines issued, but this is probably due to the 50% discount if you pay in the first two weeks. For example, in 2022-23, approximately £4,968,570 in fines were imposed but £2,616,037.80 were paid, a proportion that remained largely unchanged even as the total number of fines imposed fell during lockdown.

Adjusted for inflation (using the Bank of England’s calculator and measuring the current value of the pound at the end of each year in the data), the council received slightly less last year than in pre-pandemic years: £2,666,272.12 recent year at most. . and £2,616,037.8 in 2018-19, equivalent to around £3,202,844.4 adjusted for inflation.

However, more fines were imposed in 2022-2023 (89,790) than in the last full year before the closure in 2018-19 (74,635). This gap in the amount of money received may be explained by the delay between the issuance of NCPs and the closure of cases, so it is possible that not all cases for 2022-23 were closed when the figures were published in November.

As of November 20, the council stated that 60.3% of last year’s PCN were paid at the concessional rate, 9.8% at the full rate and 39.9% were presented in the “other” category, i.e. those who still are awaiting payment or have been transferred to debt collection. .

A Cardiff City Council spokesperson said: “The council receives complaints every day about vehicles parked in breach of parking restrictions, including those parked at pedestrian crossings, school markings and bus stops. Penalty Notices (PCNs) are issued to people if there is clear evidence that their parking constitutes an offense in light of existing road markings and traffic signs.

“Any additional revenue generated from parking fees goes into the parking reserve account. It is then used to support public transport services, off-street parking and road improvements under section 55 of the Road Traffic Act 1984.

“The Parking Reserve Account has helped support a range of improvements, including the installation of disabled parking spaces, free zones near schools and safe access schemes to schools, improvements to highways and bus lanes, cycling partnerships, operations to remove Public land SUVs, parking updates that include payment methods and demonstrations, as well as the ongoing maintenance of the traffic violations scheme.”