“Children need peace”: UNICEF – La Neta Neta –

“Children need peace”: UNICEF – La Neta Neta –

“Children need rest”† The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has accused the Ukraine-Russia conflict of causing “deep and lasting damage” to children in both countries.

According to UNICEF 7.5 million girls and boys they are Risk In War What is happening in Ukraine. The announcement was made by the CEO of the Catherine Russell Foundation At least 13 children died And it states that this number will increase as the conflict continues.

“Still exists 7 million children live in war AND 500 thousand special location In Poland, Hungary and Moldova– Fernando Carrera, UNICEF Representative in Mexico during the Aristegui and Vivo Program.

According to UNICEF, more 350,000 girls and boys have no chance to continue their studies why about 750 schools damaged In the combat zone. The destructive effects are thus exacerbated by the educational disadvantage that girls and boys experience before the educational infrastructure is restored.

The Foundation, on the other hand, believes that because schools are at risk, Child development TO BE limited Due to the lack of services that enable girls and boys to meet basic needs.

“It Causes Wars” Insecurityanxietya sense of opportunity lost Parents or relatives who care for them; Disconnect them from the environment, home, school, community; feel myself abandon And a lot of stress in view of the possibility of death,” Fernando Carrera added in a later interview with Aristegui Noticias.

The consequences are not limited to the duration of the conflict, UNICEF blames, as the build-up of tensions and the consequences of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia could lead. continuous results In girls and boys.

Boys and girls were murdered.
The injured are boys and girls.

Boys, girls and adults #Ukraine They experience the violence around them deeply. They and their families need # peace † Utilities.

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—UNICEF Mexico (@UNICEFMexico) March 2, 2022

Catherine Russell, in turn, states that: A half People trying to leave Ukraine today are girls and boys, making it urgent to put in place assistance and protection mechanisms. That is why the UNICEF Executive Director is calling for an end to hostilities and for aid to the war-affected population, including children.

1996, Machel Studio Which addresses? “The Impact of Armed Conflict on Children”Which is still considered one of the references to the possible damage that armed conflict can do in childhood.

The document believes that wars not only cause the death of girls and boys, but also make them feel like It gives meaning to social life, So that leads to the lack of a good image of home, school, health and even religion.

Fernando Carrera added that, in the specific case of wars, children try to follow the few elements of normality that they discover: toys, the ability to play, or the ability to interact with others.

Machel’s research indicates that certain protective factors, How support parents and Guidance moral they can Help out girls and boys who Vanquish Experience scary sister Help them promote individual healing and community reconciliation.

Source: La Neta Neta