Japan, tsunami warning “largely overcome, but…”: what could happen

The tsunami warning that forced thousands of Japanese people to abandon their homes on the west coast of the country has largely passed, after a strong earthquake of magnitude 7.5 hit the area, but authorities warn that it could occur in the next few hours. new tremors. Images posted on social media showed cars and houses in Ishikawa shaking violently and terrified people huddled in shops and train stations, as well as collapses and large cracks in the ground and buildings. The earthquake, also felt in Tokyo, which is around 300 kilometers from the epicenter, caused damage and even some victims, although the number of victims is still uncertain and varies between two and six deaths. There were numerous calls for intervention and rescue operations were difficult due to blocked roads; 33 thousand families were left without electricity for a long time. Even during the hours before the main earthquake, dozens of tremors greater than magnitude 3.2 were felt across Japan; After the strongest tremor, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida called on people in danger zones to “evacuate as quickly as possible” to higher ground.

«We understand that your home, your belongings are precious to you, but your lives are important above all! Run to the highest place possible,” said a TV presenter. Waves over a meter high occurred mainly in the port of Wajima, where a large fire also broke out, and on the northern island of Hokkaido, but were much lower than forecasts that the Japan Meteorological Agency had initially issued a warning of. great tsunami.” that is, waves of up to five meters; the alarm was later reduced to 3 meters, but the waves were further contained. The US Pacific Tsunami Warning Center also said about four hours after the strong quake that the tsunami danger was “largely past”, but the JMA warned there could be more tremors soon. Defense Minister Minoru Kihara said 1,000 troops were preparing to travel to the region, while another 8,500 awaited orders. Around 20 military aircraft were sent to assess the damage.

Source: IL Tempo