Recycler dies after being hit by a truck in downtown Barranquilla

Pain comes to those close to Yamile Fajardo Cediel, 29 years old, the woman who died last Saturday, December 30, in a traffic accident registered, according to the Metropolitan Police, at 37th Street and 46th Street, sector of the Center of Barranquilla.

The authority specified that the woman, dedicated to recycling, drove a motorized wheelbarrow and carried in the basket her two children, identified as Albert de Jesús Wilches Fajardo, 2 years old, and Miguel Ángel Wilches Fajardo, 12, when they were at work . attacked by a Renault Duster van.

After the incident, the mother and children were taken to the facilities of the Central Clinic, near the scene of the events, and the woman’s death occurred at this care center.

It was learned that the minors, with multiple injuries, remain under medical observation at the same clinic.

The woman’s three other children were left in the care of the children’s father, who lives in the Rebolo neighborhood of the city of Suroriente.

Source: El heraldo