Atlántico police ended 2023 with a decrease in homicides compared to 2022

The Atlántico Police Department reported information on its operational activities and crime results on January 1, showing that the number of homicides in 2023 decreased compared to 2022 figures.

According to the authority, the actions were aimed at reducing impact crimes such as murder and theft in their various modalities and common organized crime groups.

“A total of 66 murders were registered in 2022. However, this year 2023 we have achieved an important change. Until December 31, 49 murders were reported, representing a decrease of 17 cases, representing a decrease of 26%, compared to the previous year (2023),” the institution said in a statement.

According to the Ministry’s police, this phenomenon has been brought under control since the creation of the Operational Bubbles, targeting the main drivers of crime (criminal gangs), allowing the development of 68 operational activities of local and national importance. where (88) members of these structures have been captured.

“It should be noted that thanks to coordination with the Public Prosecution Service during each of the investigation processes, 66 of these captured people were placed in prison, another 10 people were placed at home and 12 were released. During the year 2023, in the municipalities covered by the Atlántico Police Department, a total of 1,934 arrests were made for various crimes, of which 178 were carried out by order of the court,” the authority said.

In the frontal fight against micro-trafficking and drug trafficking, 168,802 grams of narcotics were seized in the Atlantic Ocean; Twelve criminal structures engaged in this illegal activity were dismantled and 538 people were imprisoned for this crime.

Regarding the crime of extortion, a GDOC of the Rastrojos Caleños, dedicated to this crime, was dismantled, capturing, by order of the court, six people, two red-handed and three neutralized, in addition to the seizure of five firearms that were used for extortion. .

Source: El heraldo