Japan, plane on fire after collision with another aircraft: 5 victims

Five crew members of the Coast Guard plane died when it collided on the runway at Haneda Airport in Tokyo with a Japan Airlines (JAL) flight, which caught fire. Japanese TV NHK reports this, adding that the captain of the Coast Guard plane is seriously injured. Previously, Japanese Coast Guard spokesman Yoshinori Yanagishima had confirmed the collision between one of its planes, the MA722 aircraft, and the passenger plane, reporting that 5 crew members were missing while the pilot was evacuated. As for the passenger plane, the airline JAL reported that all people on board were evacuated. According to NHK, which cites a JAL spokesperson, there were 379 people on board, including 367 passengers and 12 crew.

The Coast Guard plane that apparently collided with the Japan Airlines (JAL) passenger plane in Japan was supposed to head to the city of Niigata to deliver humanitarian aid to residents of areas hit by yesterday’s powerful earthquake. This was reported by Japanese news agency Kyodo News. According to what was reported by the company that manages the domestic flight terminal building at Haneda airport, all runways have been closed since around 6pm local time, 10am this morning in Italy. NHK reports that, according to images filmed by Japan Airlines and the broadcaster’s own cameras at Tokyo-Haneda airport, flames broke out on the flight shortly after it landed on runway C, at around 5:47 p.m. local time, 9:47 a.m. Italy.

Source: IL Tempo