“Israel is spying in Turkey to kill Hamas members”

Turkish police arrested 33 people on charges of “espionage” on behalf of Israel’s secret service Mossad. Turkish newspaper reports this Daily Morning. It is thought that behind this suspicious espionage activity may be Tel Aviv’s attempt to capture Hamas members who fled to Turkey after the start of the war in Gaza.

Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office issued arrest warrants for a total of 46 people. investigation writes Daily MorningIt was claimed that it “revealed that Israeli intelligence was behind activities targeting foreigners residing in Turkey”, including attacks and kidnapping attempts. Authorities did not provide further details, but there are suspicions that those arrested were acting to attack Palestinian citizens.

Relations between Turkey and Israel deteriorated dramatically following the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas. Turkish President Recep Erdogan openly sided with the Palestinians and harshly criticized Tel Aviv for the attacks carried out in the Gaza Strip and the large number of civilian casualties. A few days ago, the Turkish president compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler.

Source: Today IT