Firefight between Syria and Israel

The Syrian army reported that Israel shelled the outskirts of Damascus. It was not specified which specific objects were damaged by the impact.

The government news agency SANA reported on Tuesday about the airstrike by Israeli forces on facilities in Syria. However, it was indicated that the attack caused material losses.

Targets fired on in Syria

The Israeli side announced that the attack was caused by previous rocket attacks in the northern part of Israel. The military base is said to have suffered damage as a result of the shelling.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the IDP attack targeted Hezbollah positions in the Syrian town of Kanaker, about 25 kilometers from the Israeli border.

According to some military experts, Syria is a key part of the supply chain of Iranian weapons for Hezbollah operating in Lebanon, the Times of Israel reported.

Israel at war

Israel’s rocket attacks on targets in Syria have intensified as a result of the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

On October 27, Israel’s ground invasion of the Gaza Strip began. The primary goal is to eliminate Hamas and permanently remove the threat from this direction. The operation was preceded by massive bombings and a call for Palestinians to evacuate south. Some Palestinians were unable and some unwilling to evacuate, increasing the number of civilian casualties from Israeli attacks.

Tensions rose again in the Middle East on October 7, when militants from the radical Palestinian movement Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip. Hamas said it was in response to aggressive actions by Israeli authorities against the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City. In response, Israel announced a complete blockade of the Gaza Strip and began launching rocket attacks on Gaza, as well as on some districts of Lebanon and Syria.

Source: Do Rzeczy