Rochester, “domestic terrorism” alarm. Fatal accident and pedestrians run over

The FBI has opened a domestic terrorism investigation into a fatal New Year’s Eve car crash in Rochester, New York. CNN reports this, citing a source close to the ongoing investigation into the two-car collision that struck some people in a crosswalk leaving a concert. The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, CNN specifies, is investigating a Syracuse suspect identified as Michael Avery, who left a suicide note and diary in his hotel room. The man’s family members have already been questioned. On New Year’s Eve, two cars, one loaded with gasoline cans, collided and crashed into the crowd outside a concert at the Kodak Center.

Rochester Police Chief David Smith explained at a press conference that an SUV crashed into a car that was leaving a parking lot. Two people died in the car, while the driver was hospitalized, but his life is not in danger, unlike the man who was driving the SUV. Three pedestrians were injured, one of whom was fighting for his life. The accident caused a fire that firefighters put out after almost an hour. Once the flames were stopped, first responders found “at least a dozen gasoline cans in and around the vehicle,” Smith said. And the footage also showed Avery purchasing several cans of gasoline in the previous hours.

Source: IL Tempo