Mother and son, imprisoned for the murder of a young man with machetes in Baranoa

The Atlántico Police reported on the morning of this Tuesday, January 2, the arrests of Kelly Hernández, 41, and Luis Algarín Hernández, 20, mother and son, involved in the murder of a young man identified as Néider Palma, from 22 years old , at events that took place in the San José neighborhood of the municipality of Baranoa.

The authority confirmed that the incident is related to an act of intolerance and excessive consumption of intoxicating drinks.

Apparently this would have been the reason for the night of January 1, around 9 a.m., a fight broke out between the victim and perpetrators that, from assault, progressed to the use of sharp elements, between those machetes.

According to the version covered by the authorities and residents of the San José sector, all those involved remained on a street platform and, presumably, in the middle of that meeting there was the loss of an element, which is why the complaints began.

Colonel Leonel Medina Pacheco, commander of the Atlántico Police, pointed out that the institution’s uniformed officers had been informed of the case and, in a quick response, arrested the alleged aggressors.

The officer noted that mother and son had been made available to the Public Prosecution Service in the municipality for murder.

On the other hand, it was noted that in the same case of aggression, another young man was injured, who now remains under medical observation at a health center in Baranoa.

Source: El heraldo