Claudine Gay resignation: Why did Harvard’s first black female president resign?

Following accusations of antisemitism and plagiarism, Harvard president Claudine Gay decided to step down. The announcement of his resignation will be made soon by the Corporation, the university’s governing body. She was the daughter of Haitian immigrants and became the first African-American woman to head America’s most famous university. His presidency was the shortest term in the university’s history: six months and two days.

Gay was the target of criticism for refusing to condemn Hamas’ attacks against Israel on October 7. He was also harshly criticized for copying material into his academic publications without giving due credit to the sources. The president of Harvard University denounced being subjected to “threats and racism” in his resignation letter. “It was distressing to have my commitment to addressing hate and upholding academic rigor questioned…and it was also frightening to be subjected to personal attacks and racially fueled threats.”

Source: Today IT