62-year-old woman can have a child with her dead husband’s sperm

A 62-year-old woman received permission to collect sperm from her deceased husband. The goal is to be able to use this to have a child from a surrogate mother, who is most likely a 20-year-old cousin. However, for now, judges have not yet given the green light to this use. According to the British newspaper, the incident is happening in Australia Guard.

The couple had two children before, but both of them died in two separate accidents. This double tragedy pushed them to have another child, but doctors advised her not to get pregnant due to her advanced age. Therefore, the alternative solution was to rely on surrogacy: The young cousin of the woman living abroad had given her availability, but first the Covid epidemic and then family problems prevented fertilization.

At the end of 2023, the man died of natural causes and his wife wanted to be able to collect and store her husband’s sperm. Medical tests confirmed the sperm was still active and the Supreme Court of Western Australia agreed to the sperm collection.

But the law does not expressly allow posthumous insemination: A new ruling from the Supreme Court would be required to proceed with a possible surrogacy.

Source: Today IT