Netanyahu backed into a corner: Only 15 percent of Israelis will vote for him again

The Israeli public’s growing criticism of Benjamin Netanyahu’s actions has certainly not gone unnoticed, but the data now provides a clearer picture: Only 15% of voters would want him to become prime minister after the war. That’s according to a survey by the Israel Democracy Institute, reported by the Times of Israel.

On the other hand, the survey also shows strong support for the continuation of the military offensive in Gaza: 56.1% of those interviewed (65.2% among Jews, 11.5% among Arabs) think this is the best way to ensure the release of the hostages. It is the intense continuation of combat operations. Only 24 percent say they support the option of exchanging detainees with Hamas.

Little support for America’s demand

Another relevant fact concerns the US demand to move to a new and different phase of the war by reducing bombings of populated areas in the Gaza Strip. 66 percent of those interviewed believe that Israel should not accept this request. More specifically, 27.7% think they shouldn’t do it, and 38.3% think they definitely shouldn’t do it.

The theme of the conflict with Hezbollah is also clearly revealed in the survey: 50.9 percent of respondents believe that it is necessary to deal a heavy blow to the Shiite militias, despite the risk of opening a new front in the north (57.3 percent of Jews, 19 percent of them). 0.6% among Arabs).

As for the future government, the most popular likely candidate appears to be current war cabinet minister Benny Gantz, albeit by a rather small percentage (23%). Looking at a more general picture of the country’s future, 32.3% of those interviewed say they are moderately pessimistic about the future of Israel’s security, while 20.5% say they are very pessimistic. 8.1 percent are very optimistic, and 32.4 percent are moderately optimistic.

Source: Today IT