Epstein, the secret has been revealed: the first names of those “connected to the case” have been released

Masks removed from more than 150 people linked to the legal case of Jeffrey Epstein, the American financier who committed suicide in his New York cell in 2019 while awaiting trial for sex trafficking of minors. His names were kept secret for years, until a judge ruled there was no legal reason to continue keeping them secret. The initial installment includes 40 previously undisclosed documents, with nearly 1,000 pages of testimony and statements.

The list of names has fueled curiosity and speculation on social media and in the media, but it is not a list of ‘clients’ and does not imply any accusation of complicity in Epstein’s crimes. According to what CNN writes, the first tranche of documents does not appear to contain any bombshell revelations. The transcripts of the testimonies, the television channel always specifies, include references to several important names that have appeared in the past, including those of Prince Andrew and the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton.

Much of the information contained in the documents has already been disclosed through the media and other legal processes, explains the broadcaster. In particular, the documents contain excerpts from the depositions of Ghislaine Maxwell and Virginia Roberts Giuffre. There is also a statement from Johanna Sjoberg, whose story was already known, but this is the first time that her statement has been made public. Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre have reached an out-of-court settlement in the sexual abuse case against him, a document filed by their lawyers on Tuesday confirms.

Source: IL Tempo