The Jeffrey Epstein case. The list of famous names has been revealed

The court published hundreds of pages of documents in the Jeffrey Epstein case. There is a list of famous people associated with him.

In 2019, US federal prosecutors accused Jeffrey Epstein of trafficking underage girls and sexual harassment. The trial in this case was supposed to start in June 2020, but did not take place. The businessman died in August 2019 under mysterious circumstances, allegedly hanging himself in his cell. The man is said to have offered young girls to his influential friends.

A list of famous people linked to the Jeffrey Epstein case has been revealed

He was one of his good friends Prince Andreas, son of Queen Elizabeth II and not King of Great Britain. The aristocrat has consistently denied taking advantage of the aforementioned ‘offers’.

On January 3, a federal court released hundreds of pages of documents in the case of Jeffrey Epstein and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell. The list includes people who had ties to the billionaire’s estate, including Prince Andrew. According to Johanna Sjoberg’s testimony, he allegedly placed his hand on her chest as they posed for a group photo with Virginia Giuffre, Jaffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Another woman accuses him of forcing her to have sexual contact when she was a minor. He is accused of similar acts Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz.

The list also includes US politicians, including: Bill Richardson And Donald Trump.

French is also discussed there owner of the Jean-Luca Brunel modeling agencywho, according to testimony, recruited girls for Epstein’s estate.

Interestingly, he was also spotted at the billionaire’s Palm Beach home Michael Jackson, but there are no accusations against him. As in Bill Clintonwho also presented Epstein.

As we read, they were also on the list Naomi Campbellillusionist David Copperfield and a famous physicist Stefan Hawking. The latter is said to have been involved in illegal activities related to group exploitation of minors.

More details about this study are expected to be announced soon.

The Epstein case. What did the billionaire do?

The billionaire, who is currently causing trouble for many famous people, hanged himself in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York in August 2019. At the end of July he made his first suicide attempt. He was then found almost unconscious, with marks on his neck. He was then transferred to a cell under special supervision.

The Epstein case is very famous in the United States. Many women claim they were his ‘sex slaves’. The billionaire’s partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, in turn is said to have ‘rented’ them to numerous members of Epstein’s inner circle. The financier’s close friends included: Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew – brother of the current King of Great Britain.

Epstein’s contacts also included Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker. Film director Woody Allen is also said to have been a guest at the billionaire’s New York tenement at least once. According to investigative journalist Vicky Ward, who was instrumental in exposing the multimillionaire’s criminal activities, the list is much longer. So far, no one – except Ghislaine Maxwell, whose trial ended with a conviction – has been charged with anything.

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