The White House asks the Supreme Court to authorize cutting of the barbed wire wall on the Texas border against migrants

The US Justice Department on Tuesday asked the Supreme Court to allow border patrol agents to cut the razor wire that Texas has built on its southern border in an effort to reduce illegal immigration.

In an investigation, US media reported that US Attorney General Elizabeth Prelogar had asked the country’s highest judicial authority to overturn an appeals court’s decision.

The latter ruled in favor of Texas authorities last month, banning federal agents from tampering with the cable except in cases of medical emergencies.

“The order prohibits agents from moving or passing through physical barriers erected by the state that prevent access to the border they are required to patrol,” Prelogar said in his motion.

The razor wire that Texas has installed at the border is part of a series of measures against illegal immigration by the governor of Texas. Greg Abbott, known as “Operation Lone Star,” which involves installing a floating barrier of buoys on the Rio Grande or sending huge migrants on buses to Democrat-run cities.

Last Thursday, the US government threatened to sue Texas if the country passed a new immigration law that would prevent people from Texas from illegally entering Mexico, and what experts consider one of the strictest anti-immigration laws in the country’s history.

So far this year, US authorities have recorded more than two million “encounters” with migrants at the southern border, most of which have been arrests of people trying to cross illegally.

The continent is experiencing a historic increase in people migration, driven by the search for better economic opportunities and the various social and political crises in the region’s countries.

Source: La Neta Neta