First arrests made in Iran regarding the massacre at Soleimani’s mausoleum

12 people were arrested in connection with the Kerman terrorist attack, which took place during the commemoration ceremonies of the fourth anniversary of the death of General Qassem Suleiman in Iran. According to the news of Iranian television ‘IRI’, this was conveyed by Iranian intelligence and it was stated that one of the two suicide bombers was a Tajik national, and the identity of the second bomber has not yet been determined. In the attack claimed by ISIS, 89 people died and 284 people were injured.

Iranian intelligence identified the house where the two murdered terrorists took shelter. It was on the outskirts of Kerman. Two members of the group were arrested there. Additionally, 2 explosive vests, 2 remote control devices and 2 detonators were also found. Iranian intelligence emphasizes that the operation “will definitely continue until the last person who supports the criminals in any way and to any extent is arrested.”

Source: Today IT