Middle East, Hezbollah and Iran threaten Israel: we will avenge the attacks

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah returns to threaten Israel head on. In a new speech, the head of the Lebanese “party of God” warns the Jewish State that a response to the attack in Beirut, never claimed by Israel, in which the number two in the Hamas political office, Saleh Al-Arouri, was killed, is inevitable”. According to Nasrallah, if Israel “defeats the people of Gaza”, its next target would be southern Lebanon. Therefore, the ongoing war “is not just for Palestine”, he further emphasizes. At the same time, the leader Lebanese Shiite makes it clear that a possible Israeli war against Lebanon would be “a bad choice.” Fiery words also come from Tehran, an ally of Hezbollah.

On the day of the funeral of the victims of the attack that took place near the tomb of General Qassem Soleimani, claimed by ISIS, President Ebrahim Raisi promises “revenge” reiterating that the operation launched by Hamas on October 7th will be “the end of the Zionist regime “. If Israel continues to carry out operations in Gaza in a united manner, it is over the future of the Strip that the divisions will become increasingly clear. In fact, at the last meeting of the War Cabinet, there would have been a very strong confrontation between the military and the far-right politicians who were part of the executive chaired by Netanyahu. The latter would have harshly criticized Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s proposal for the management of the enclave after the end of the fighting, with an undefined Palestinian body administering the part administrative under international supervision while Israel would maintain security control.

The Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, Herzi Halevi, would also have ended up in the eye of the storm for failing to prevent what happened on October 7th and for having included a former Minister of Defense in the commission that will have to investigate the incident. In this regard, an investigation carried out by the Israeli broadcaster ‘Channel 12’ revealed the existence of a dossier dating back to 2022 where the Hamas attack on October 7th was described in detail. In the 27-page document, which was apparently drawn up by the Israeli army’s ‘Gaza division’ and handed over to military leaders, it speaks of Hamas’ ambition to carry out “an infiltration into Israeli territory, with the aim of harming the armed forces and civilians, with special attention to kidnappings”. In the document – ​​it is explained – there would also be reference to the use of motorcycles and jeeps. Exactly what happened last October 7th.

Source: IL Tempo