North Korea attacks again. She fired more than 60 bullets

North Korea fired more than sixty artillery shells at the disputed maritime border. South Korea responds.

On Saturday, North Korea fired more than 60 artillery shells towards the disputed maritime border with South Korea, Reuters news agency reported, citing information from the South Korean Armed Forces Command.

In connection with the events, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff have called on the North Korean command to refrain from actions that threaten peace on the Korean Peninsula and lead to an escalation of tensions.

Another North Korean provocation

The North Korean military fired about 200 artillery shells near the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong on Friday. Seoul ordered the evacuation of about 2,000 people. residents of the island – reported the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

According to the South Korean military, the missiles fired by North Korea caused no damage. The evacuation of the islanders was related to exercises that the army wants to carry out in response to the shelling from Pyongyang.

Kim Jong-un broke the agreement

In November, North Korea ended a five-year deal with South Korea aimed at easing military tensions and announced it would increase the presence of its armed forces along the demarcation line.

The comprehensive military agreement signed by Seoul and Pyongyang in 2018 aimed to reduce military tensions along the border. In it, both countries pledged to “completely cease all hostile actions against each other” and introduced a number of measures aimed at building greater trust, including a ban on exercises near the border and restrictions on shooting exercises. The parties also removed some defense positions and launched a military hotline.

Source: Do Rzeczy