USA, Austin hospitalized. But Biden knew nothing: the scandal broke

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has been hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center since January 1 due to an unspecified medical issue. The Pentagon made this known without providing details about his health conditions for “privacy” reasons and explaining only that Austin, aged 70, had “complications following a recent elective medical procedure”. In any case, Austin, we read in a note, “is improving and hopes to resume all his duties today”. The Pentagon’s number two, Kathleen Hicks, was ready to take over Austin’s duties whenever “it became necessary” following the Secretary of Defense’s hospitalization.

But a big problem has arisen and in the USA there is already talk of a scandal. In fact, the Pentagon did not notify President Joe Biden and other senior officials about Austin’s hospitalization for three days. According to Politico, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and other senior White House officials did not learn of Austin’s Jan. 1 hospitalization until the Defense Department sent a message on Jan. 4, two other U.S. officials said. . Sullivan briefed Biden shortly after Thursday’s Defense Department notification.

“I recognize that I could have done a better job of ensuring that the public was adequately informed. I am committed to doing better. But it is important to say that this was the operation and I take full responsibility for my decisions regarding its release”, words with which Austin, in a statement released on Saturday night, took responsibility for the delays in reporting his hospitalization. Austin said he is recovering and expects to return to the Pentagon soon, but has not provided other details about his illness. The fact that the Pentagon did not disclose Austin’s hospitalization for days reflects a surprising lack of transparency about his illness, its severity and when he might receive discharge.

Source: IL Tempo