Israel, “Netanyahu wants war on Lebanon.” The scenario that worries the USA

The US fears that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to expand the war in the Middle East to Lebanon to ensure its political survival, amid internal criticism over his government’s inability to prevent the Hamas attack on October 7 . The fiery scenario appeared in the Washington Post: the newspaper cites “private conversations” in which the administration reportedly warned Israel against a significant escalation in Lebanon. If that were the case, a new secret assessment by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) concluded that it would be difficult for the IDF to succeed in the initiative, since its military resources and assets would be too dispersed across the various combat fronts. the conflict.

The revelations come as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is traveling through the Middle East. Today in particular the minister is in Jordan and will leave for Qatar in the evening, before also stopping in Abu Dhabi. According to the American newspaper, Hezbollah, a long-time adversary of the United States with well-trained fighters and tens of thousands of missiles and rockets, on the contrary wants to avoid a serious escalation. In a speech on Friday, the leader of the Lebanese organization Nasrallah promised a response to Israeli aggression, but hinted that he might be open to negotiations on demarcating the border with Israel.

Source: IL Tempo