Middle East, girl killed in the West Bank and reporters killed in operation

A four-year-old Palestinian girl died during an attack on a checkpoint in East Jerusalem, not far from the West Bank city of Biddu. The girl, according to the Israeli police, was “accidentally” hit by bullets fired by agents in an attempt to neutralize the two people in the car who hit a border guard, slightly injuring him. The attackers, a man and a woman, also died. In Jenin, also in the West Bank, an airstrike conducted with drones by Tel Aviv forces caused the death of at least seven people, while an Israeli border police officer, 18-year-old Sergeant Shay Germay, lost his life in the explosion . of a bomb that hit the vehicle in which he was traveling. And once again: an Israeli was shot dead in the West Bank. A bloody Sunday that did not spare journalists: two died in an Israeli attack west of Khan Younis, in the south of the Gaza Strip. Hamza Al-Dahdouh, 29, one of the murdered reporters, was the son of the director of Al Jazeera’s Gaza office, Wael Al-Dahdouh. Along with him, freelancer Mustafa Tharaya lost his life. In another attack in the Strip, Ali Salem Abu Ajwa, also a journalist and nephew of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, who founded Hamas in Gaza in 1987 and was its spiritual leader until he was killed by Israel in 2004, died. strongly condemned” the murder of journalists by Israel, which aims to “discourage” reporters “from carrying out their mission, violating the principles of press freedom”. For Hamas, Israel intends to “intimidate journalists in a failed attempt to obscure the truth and prevent media coverage.”

While US Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke of: “Unimaginable tragedy”. Deaths that worsen the toll of three months of war. In the Gaza Strip, according to the local Ministry of Health, more than 22,800 Palestinians died in the Israeli operation. Above all, children are suffering from the offensive. According to Save The Children, every day in the enclave more than 10 minors lose a limb. Tel Aviv, for its part, after announcing the dismantling of Hamas’ military capabilities in the north of the enclave, took responsibility for the murder, in the same area, of 8,000 militiamen in attacks launched in response to the October 7 massacres. The crisis is at the center of the new diplomatic trip, the fourth since the start of the war, by Blinken, who met with King Abdullah II in Jordan before going to Qatar. The Jordanian ruler warned the American official about the “catastrophic repercussions” of the war in Gaza. Blinken responded to Amman’s concerns about possible Israeli plans to resettle Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank, highlighting the United States’ “opposition to the forced displacement of Palestinians” from both territories. Israeli President Isaac Herzog also spoke out on the issue, claiming that resettlement is “absolutely not the position of the Israeli government, the Israeli parliament or Israeli public opinion.” American concern remains alive about a possible extension of the conflict to Lebanon. US officials interviewed by the Washington Post said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may want a real war with Hezbollah for the sake of political gain. A stern warning came from Netanyahu himself to the Lebanese militiamen: «Hezbollah learns what Hamas has already learned in recent months, no terrorist is immune, he warned.

Source: IL Tempo