The plane door fell on a house: What happens after the frightening escape?

The door of the Boeing 737 MAX 9 jet, which crashed shortly after taking off from Portland during an Alaska Airlines flight, was found in the backyard of a house. This statement was made by the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) while the analysis continues into the causes of the accident, which attracted worldwide attention after the horrific videos published on social media.

Door loosening during flight

On Friday, January 5, 2024, as the Boeing 737 was heading to California, the left side door of the Alaska Airlines jet broke, the plane with 177 people on board lost pressure, and the pilots had to turn back.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Saturday ordered the temporary grounding of 171 Boeing MAX 9 jets, which also blocked an exit door weighing about 50 pounds and used mostly by low-cost airlines.

Lost door of Boeing MAX 9

The tailgate was found Sunday by a teacher in the backyard of his home in the Cedar Hills neighborhood. Now engineers will be able to examine all components to determine the causes of the incident. According to preliminary evidence, the force resulting from the loss of the hatch cover was so strong that it also opened the cockpit door during the flight, leaving the pilots in chaos for several minutes. Additionally, according to some rumors, the automatic pressurization fault light came on at least three times on the same Alaska Airlines flight in the days before the accident (December 7, January 3, and January 4). However, it is not yet known whether there is any connection. However, Alaska Airlines decided to suspend the aircraft’s flights to Hawaii so that it could quickly return to the airport if necessary.

door plane

However, the US flight safety authority decided that other Boeing MAX 9s, including those used by other airlines, would be withdrawn from the flight until safety checks were completed. Hundreds of flights are expected to be canceled by mid-week. There was further image damage for Boeing after global authorities grounded all MAX planes for 20 months after 346 people died in crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia in 2019 due to software design error navigation.

Alaska Airlines Flight 1282, Boeing 737-9 MAX, Portland, Oregon

Source: Today IT