Four Colombians are arrested in Spain accused of robbing jewelry stores

Spanish police have arrested four Colombian citizens who were part of a traveling criminal group expert in forcibly robbing jewelry stores in shopping centers in different parts of Spain.

In addition to carrying out the robberies, the detainees, three of whom are in pre-trial prison, reinvested some of the profits in acquiring pink cocaine for later sale, as police said in a statement on Monday.

The arrests took place in the provinces of Madrid and Seville (south), according to the note, which states that the value of the stolen assets is 200,000 euros.

During the searches, police seized 4,465 euros in cash, numerous pieces of jewelry, GPS tracking devices, a spy camera for remote video surveillance, as well as a large amount of electronic devices and documentation.

The investigation started last September after a robbery in a jewelry store in Jaén (south).

The first police efforts made it possible to identify the perpetrator of the robbery and prove the existence of at least three other people who acted jointly.

From then on, the investigation focused on the criminal group of Colombian origin that, although based in Madrid and Seville, moved throughout Spain.

During the searches, police found two clear plastic bags containing a relevant quantity of the narcotic substance ‘2C-B’, commonly known as pink cocaine.

This made it possible to prove the possible means to finance the network that supposedly acquired the drugs for subsequent sale.

Source: El heraldo